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San Diego Expungements

San Diego Expungement Lawyer

San Diego Expungements

You may be eligible to withdraw your guilty plea or have a verdict of guilty (even if you went to court and a jury found you guilty) set aside, and have the court dismiss the accusations against you if you meet one of the following conditions:


·     You have fulfilled the condition of probation for the entire probationary period;

·     You receive an early termination of your probation;

·     The court determines that you should be granted such relief in the interest of justice.


In order to petition for an expungement you must not be serving a sentence for, be on probation for, or be charged with any other offense. The prosecutor must also have 15 days’ notice of the petition.


What are some of the benefits of obtaining an expungement?


One of the main benefits of obtaining an expungement is to be able to apply for a new job without having to worry about disclosing the crime for which an expungement petition has been granted by the court. Some of the other benefits associated with obtaining an expungement include obtaining certain state or local licenses. Obtaining an expungement would allow you to freely answer “no” to a question on an employment application, which states if you have even been convicted of a crime in the past. And last but not least it gives you closure to a mistake that you may have made at some point in your life and allows you to move forward without having that blemish on your record anymore.


How long does the process take?


Each case is different but on average the process could take between 8 to 10 weeks.


If you are looking for a San Diego defense lawyer to give you a fresh start contact us for your free case evaluation. We have successfully handled many of our clients’ expungement petitions and are confident we can help you!

Misdemeanor expungements start at only $500. This includes the $60 court filing fee. 

For pricing on felony expungements contact our office.