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SAN DIEGO Insurance Bad Faith LAWYER

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SAN DIEGO Insurance Bad Faith LAWYER

Insurance companies are inevitably part of all of our lives. Whether it is health insurance, car insurance, homeowners insurance or life insurance. Unfortunately          however a lot of times when we do in fact need the insurance companies to step in and pay for a loss we have suffered we are faced with the statement: “your claim is denied because this type of claim is not covered under your policy.”  


Here we will be discussing some of the information you would need to know about these types of claims. If after reading this article you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our office for your OBLIGATION FREE consultation.


These types of claims generally arise in one of two situations. “First Party Cases” arise when an insured’s (person having insurance) claims against the insurer under coverage written for the insured’s direct benefit are denied. This could happen in one of several ways:


1.     Claims under life, health and disability policies;

2.     Claims for damages to an insured’s property under homeowners insurance policies;

3.     Claims for damages to an insured’s automobiles under collision or comprehensive coverage of an automobile insurance policy.


“Third Party Cases” generally involves an insured’s (the person who has purchased the insurance) suit against his or her liability insurer arising out of the insurer’s alleged mishandling of a third party claim against the insured. For example by unreasonably refusing to settle within policy limits or unreasonably refusing to provide a defense. It is important to note that the claim belongs to the insured and not the third party in “Third Party Cases. ”


These types of cases are referred to as  “insurance bad faith” claims. If your insurance claim has been denied or you are having difficulty with your insurance company, give us a call. Rejali Law Firm has successfully assisted many clients and it may be able to assist you resolve your claim with your insurance company.